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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Friday we host a webinar for growers who want to see the HeavyConnect platform in action. To attend, just go to http://www.heavyconnect.com/ and click on the link at the top of the webpage.
A subscription is required to log into the HeavyConnect dashboard and app. You can request a trial subscription from the website, or if you prefer you can reach out to us directly by calling (831) 424-4730 or email us at hello@HeavyConnect.com We look forward to learning about your operation.
Field trainings are available to HeavyConnect subscribers. To schedule a training, email us at customersuccess@HeavyConnect.com or call (831) 424-7130.
HeavyConnect does not require any unique hardware to be purchased. You can use your existing mobile device to download the mobile application and any web browser to access the dashboard.
No. HeavyConnect subscribers are billed monthly. While the pricing is based on an annual subscription, there is no financial commitment beyond your current month and you are free to cancel at anytime without fee or penalty.
HeavyConnect subscriptions are considered Software-as-a-Service which works like a membership. Subscribers are billed based on number of users. Currently, the monthly fee is $25 per user.
The HeavyConnect app is available for download onto Android and IOS devices. The app can be found on the iTunes app store and the Google Play app store.
There is no minimum or maximum number of employees. You can expand or shrink your account’s number of users at any time.
After we collect all the required information to setup your account, we will provide you a field training for the Dashboard and the App. When the training is over, you will have 1 week to use the app by yourself. Then we circle back with you to check in.