Remote Audit Platform with GLOBALG.A.P.

HeavyConnect is proud to partner with GLOBALG.A.P. as an approved Audit Online Hub software provider to help streamline the audit process for growers, auditors, and certifying bodies.


We provide a remote-first, paperless system built for agriculture. Growers and auditors report 50% time savings when using HeavyConnect instead of paper systems.

First, growers and facilities use HeavyConnect to digitally document compliance.

  • Users can access up-to-date checklists for all audit schemas and fill them out with an intuitive mobile app.
  • Time-stamped and geo-tagged reports can be accessed any time in "digital binders."
  • Automatic alerts flag non-conformances so corrective actions can be taken quickly.

When it's time for an audit, growers and auditors both save time.

  • Growers can gather all their materials from anywhere without tracking down papers or rushing to fix errors.
  • Auditors get the right reports quickly.
  • Auditors can review all documents digitally, allowing streamlined remote audits.

Certifying bodies can collaborate with auditors and see audit history in real time. 

  • Version history is cached for CBs to track how non-conformances are addressed.
  • Multiple review levels allow for comments and corrective actions to be tied to individual Major Musts. 
  • Documentation like photos or PDFs can be tied to any question, and the entire audit is submitted to GLOBALG.A.P. with one click. 

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