HeavyConnect Releases Self-Audit Functionality

Salinas, California - March 31, 2021: HeavyConnect announced today that customers will now be able to conduct self-audits through the HeavyConnect platform, which is a crucial step to stay on top of compliance. They will have access to the most up-to-date versions of the GLOBALG.A.P. and PrimusGFS audit schemas. It will also expand its offering to include an All-In-One Compliance Dashboard: One centralized place for growers and shippers to track regulatory compliance. The dashboard highlights outstanding tasks and features an overall score to indicate their level of completion.

“With this new update, we are simplifying our customers’ experience and ensuring they can take care of all compliance tasks with a single log-in,” says Patrick Zelaya, CEO of HeavyConnect. “Our customers have so many types of standards to manage, and we are excited to continue helping them save time, eliminate paper, streamline their workflows, and gain peace of mind that their operation is always audit-ready.”

Self audit homepage

You can learn more about HeavyConnect’s new audit functionality at www.blog.heavyconnect.com/self-audits. To request a demo, email contact@heavyconnect.com or call (833) 722-5727.

About HeavyConnect: HeavyConnect develops easy-to-use mobile software to simplify agricultural field and facility operations by tracking worker time and training, food safety, and more. Growers, packers, and shippers use the HeavyConnect platform to make standards compliance easy with digital documentation informed by current regulatory guidelines.

Grace Mohan, HeavyConnect Content Specialist