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Easily manage field worker safety and meet labor compliance with HeavyConnect Training


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HeavyConnect modernizes farm training programs with an easy-to-use paperless solution to track worker health and safety, meet regulatory labor training compliance, and streamline audit preparation - all manageable from a personalized, real-time administrative dashboard.


Simplify training in the field

Our Training software solution gives compliance managers peace of mind as they build programs to comply with shifting labor regulations and workplace safety concerns. With HeavyConnect Training, our customers can create in-field documentation of trainings, monitor employee progress, and prepare for labor audits faster than ever before.

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Automate training compliance with crews, locations, employee types + more

Save time and money by replacing paper tracking with a digital training matrix

Create your own training modules and topics

Assign training requirements based on your operational structure

Track employee training progress in real-time

Submit automatically-created training documentation for audits in minutes

Lookup any employee and see exactly what they have been trained on with all documentation attached


Your operation is our focus, always

HeavyConnect ensures field workers and management teams alike are provided with features that make life easier. We empower our customers with solutions that give busy teams what they want - easy digital transitions based on existing compliance processes and workflows.

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Easy-to-Use Mobile App for trainers in the field

100% Paperless Training in the field

Submit Training Proof with attendances, signatures + photos

Train Offline with full app accessibility

Report Corrective Actions + important notes

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Create Custom Training topics + reports

Access Real-Time Reports through an administrative dashboard, anytime

Track Employee Progress by topic, crew + employee type

Take Corrective Actions instantly

Become Audit-Ready at a moment’s notice with auto-generated report documentation, all stored in the cloud and downloadable 24/7

Our Promise

Exceeding expectations since 2015

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Leading Customer Support

We understand the many problems growers face. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions to meet growing regulations, but more importantly - to your operational style. The HeavyConnect Customer Success team provides industry-leading support throughout your research, trial, setup, and deployment. HeavyConnect customers know that our support never stops - we pride ourselves in our responsiveness, fulfilling customer requests, and applying changes attentively and frequently.


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Are you audit-ready?

Book a free software demo with our team and learn how you can save time, simplify, and prioritize training to become audit-ready at any moment. We’re offering a free module with important COVID-19 training checklists, like handwashing logs and temperature checks, for farmers everywhere.