HeavyConnect Inspector

What if you could view all your field operations from one place?

Ditch your old binders and say hello to tools that make your digital food safety system and quality compliance a breeze. You'll be audit ready, always.

Administrative dashboard

How it works:

1. Your compliance documentation is digitized into easy, paperless checklists
2. Your team uses an intuitive mobile app to track progress
3. Data is synced instantly into your administrative dashboard

The more you know, the better.

With instant insight into all parts of your operation, you'll be able to ensure compliance, and:

  • Identify and address risk in real-time
  • Track corrective actions with photos and notes
  • Monitor reporting from one or more sites
  • Get automatic alerts
  • Centralize documentation and evidence
  • Create reports and binders on demand
Administrative dashboard in action
Mobile app in action

Prioritize food safety.

With HeavyConnect as your food safety tracking software, you can:

  • Stay compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Access up-to-date checklists for FSMA, HACCP, buyer standards, and more
  • Feel confident at audit time and proud to share documentation with your customers
  • Make better management decisions informed by real data
  • Support your food traceability program by tracking produce from the field through processing, packing, and shipping

Track quality assurance with ease.

Manage your QA or QC program by collecting and viewing product inspection data with the HeavyConnect platform.

  • Fill out checklists based on current USDA requirements or customize your own forms
  • Let the app automatically calculate percentages and determine whether an inspection is passed or failed based on multiple criteria
  • Get an alert right away if a QA inspection is failed
  • Document and visualize QA data for benchmarking and business insights

See for yourself why hundreds of food producers rely on HeavyConnect tools.

All our products are:

  • 100% paperless to save you time and money
  • Audit ready with time-stamped and geo-tagged documentation
  • Multilingual
  • Synced in real-time and stored securely in the cloud
  • Easy-to-use, both in the field and in the office
  • Streamlined to work with your existing workflows and SOPs
  • Up and running right away with custom onboarding plans and optional on-site training
  • Supported by our industry-leading Customer Success Team

Ready to feel confident at audit time?

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