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Faster, Easier Food Safety + Quality Compliance

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HeavyConnect's compliance and audit solutions makes it faster and easier to comply with regulatory (FSMA, etc.), GFSI,  and customer standards - saving you time, money, and headaches and reducing safety and quality risk. We're the only technology that reaches into the field - to ensure that you're not just meeting standards but you're improving your safety and quality performance.

Paper-based systems for farm management are a thing of the past. They waste time; allow needless risk from delays and lost or erred data; and make auditing a nightmare.

Safer Operations, Safer Food, More Efficient Business

  • Save time and money with paperless documentation 
  • Reduce risk with real-time data and faster responses
  • Know what’s going on with full visibility of your farm sites
  • Ease workflow and improve response with digital corrections tracking
  • Be always audit-ready with instant reporting

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Digitized Compliance Checklists


Automatic Geolocation


Multilingual Tools for All Farmers

Realtime Data

Real-Time Data Syncs


Full Visibility of One or Many Farm Sites


Instant Reports


Binders on Demand


Centralized Documents + Standards


Live Audit Reporting

How It Works

We digitize your compliance lists (from FSMA to GFSI to your buyer regulations) into simple digital checklists that farmers love to use.  Data is synced automatically from your team’s mobile checklists into a dashboard, for instant access to data, quicker time to corrections actions, simple corrections tracking, and on-demand reporting for 100% audit readiness. 

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With HeavyConnect on the Farm, You Can Expect


Paperless Operations

Eliminate the many problems of paper on the farm - from flyaway papers to the hours of time wasted on data entry, to the risk your operation assumes from the delay of seeing a risk to acting on it.

Audit Readiness

When the auditor arrives, would you rather sift through piles of binders or have simple reporting of all your data? The HeavyConnect Platform automatically syncs all your completed field checklists into one system and provides instantaneous reporting about compliance - with actionable insight tools. 

HeavyConnect Team Apps

Shared Checklists, Documents, and SOPs

Now that everything is stored in the cloud, your documents can be shared easily with all devices, can be updated instantaneously, and shared, for easy communications. Now, when there are standards updates, the entire team is instantaneously updated.

Easy Adoption

We know that technology adoption is difficult, so we created a user-friendly app that provides a simple intuitive user experience that fits into any workflow. Our team of experts also creates an adoption plan for each client and can provide on-site training support to ensure your workforce embraces the improvements.

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Real-Time Data
Paper-based systems always imply a delay between data collection and action. With HeavyConnect, data syncs instantly from the field - so there is no delay from documentation to viewing, making it easy to act faster on food safety risks and reducing overall compliance and market risk.

Are You Ready for an Unannounced Audit?

You can be with HeavyConnect.


HeavyConnect makes compliance with FSMA, Global GAP, PrimusGFS, organics certifications, buyer standards, and other regulations simple. Our tools improve your field data collection, provide corrections tracking and reporting instantaneously, and reduce risk.




Connect with HeavyConnect and learn how to streamline your field operations, be audit-ready at any moment, and save time and money.


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