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Full Real-time Visibility, Data Sharing, and Collaboration with Growers + Suppliers

Grower Management

With Grower + Supplier Management you can view and manage all of your growing sites, facility operations, and suppliers at once, from one dashboard. At any time, you can check performance, share documents real-time for consistency, communicate and collaborate, and provide access in customized ways. 


Greater Insight for All Farming Operations in One Place

  • Real-time insight into all your operations, owned or supplier 
  • Standardized compliance to lower risk,
  • Peace of mind about remaining compliant
  • 100% audit-readiness
  • An easy way to enact food safety or other program and get buy in from your growers.

HeavyConnect - Safety





One platform for all grower and facility regulatory document storage


Consistent Compliance

Share real-time checklists inside and outside of your team 


Shared Access

Share checklists, SOPs, and logs to be completed with all


Document Control Center

Easy deployments and consistent management

Realtime Data

Real-Time Reporting

View all reports instantaneously in an organized way



Gain valuable insight from all your suppliers

With HeavyConnect on the Farm Expect


Easy, Consistent Compliance Across Suppliers

Keep all of your operation and supply partners compliant with any regulation including FSMA, OSHA, GlobalGAP, PrimusGFS, organics, or your customers' requirements by creating and sharing simple checklists and logs for them to fill out through an easy mobile app. Say goodbye to cumbersome ineffective paper and hello to audit-ready at a minute's notice.

Shared Documents

Real-Time Shared Docs, SOPs, and Standards

Share and track all documents to ensure all your suppliers have the up-to-date SOPs, standards, and programs, from everything to Food Safety programs to buyer standard protocols. Updating these documents syncs automatically to each mobile user. 


Full Visibility

Real-Time Visibility of All Suppliers

View all of your suppliers' completed documents and reports in real-time, in one place.


Insights from the Field


Insights from the Field

Almost all growers and packers we speak with find it really difficult to keep on top of compliance. They struggle with the many compliance documents, customized audit requirements, and extensive reporting needs for FSMA, OSHA, PrimusGFS, Global GAP; local, organic, and buyer standards; and sustainability tracking. We hear it’s one of the hardest parts of farm management.

This challenge is even more pronounced for organizations with many growers; and often oversight becomes reactive versus proactive.

Most growers lack a centralized or systemized process for disseminating important food safety information and receiving important information back from growers. 

HeavyConnect’s Grower and Facility Management provides the simple solution to manage all of this - allowing organizations to share what growers to fill out, digitally on their phones, so they can easily share the necessary information back to the managing company, in real-time, without the errors or hassles of using paper. 

The bottom line is that paper-based systems no longer work for farm management. Those are only good for farm operations in four walls. Any organization with multiple growers or suppliers needs digital solutions to reduce time, ensure accuracy and compliance, and for instant audit readiness. 

That’s why HeavyConnect developed our farm management software: to make farming easier and to erase the burdens of managing compliance and regulations across the farming operation - whether one family farm or many sites.




Connect with HeavyConnect and learn how to streamline your field operations, be audit-ready at any moment, and save time and money.


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