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Crew Timekeeping, Payroll Management,
and OSHA Compliance in the Field,
Without the Paperwork

HeavyConnect - Timekeeper-2

Timekeeper streamlines the process of completing timesheets and managing crew with an easy-to-use mobile app that syncs directly into your preferred accounting software, reducing the burden on your payroll staff by as much as 50% and eliminating costly errors.


More than Just Timekeeping

  • Automate compliance with minimum wage, overtime and breaks
  • Save time + money:  Manage employee timesheets and piece-rate tracking at the individual or group level 
  • Gain real-time insights: View analytics + reports on crew production, costs, payroll integrations
  • Manage crew easily: Oversee crew location with automatic geolocation
  • Free administrative staff: Automatically integrate timesheets into accounting 
  • Comply without hassle:  Generate custom reports for compliance + audits




HeavyConnect - Timekeeping






Paperless Timekeeping

Realtime Data

Real-Time Reporting


Integrates Fully with Any Payroll System






Works Offline


With HeavyConnect on the Farm Expect

Paperless Timekeeping

Eliminating paper time cards from the field saves time, dramatically reduces error, and saves up to 50% on payroll administrative costs.


Compliance with Labor Laws

Automated systems with alerts make it easy to comply with minimum wage, overtime, and breaks.

Compliance with Payroll Requirements

Multiple detailed views allow you to manage your crews, production, and payroll information through one simple technology platform that integrates into your accounting system - saving time, sparing errors and ensuring compliance.

Easy Reporting

Easy to use interface and realtime reporting that gives you insight into the farm and ensure that you’re ready for an audit at any time.