Scheid Background

50% savings on spraying input costs with HeavyConnect

The HeavyConnect farm management software can help any farming organization that is seeking to utilize fewer inputs and save money. Let's take a look at the HeavyConnect app in action at Scheid Vineyards, a renown winemaker based in California. 
Like most farming organizations, Scheid wanted to collect field observations continuously throughout the growing year to improve early detection of pest presence, track crop growth stage, and allow its vineyard manager to make more frequent adjustments and optimize overall crop performance.
Using HeavyConnect's Inspector for mobile field data collection and real-time reporting, Scheid was able collect field data more regularly and get that data back to decision makers in real-time.
As a result, Scheid was detecting pests sooner and acting faster when risk was identified, enabling them to shift to precision spraying, improve overall crop performance, and reduce input expenses by 50%.


Pest Management

Extended lag between scouting & spraying resulted in unnecessary coverage and quantity of expensive inputs.


Crop managers kept vital information & observations in their heads

Field data was batch downloaded into servers overnight so every integrated view of the data was at least a day old.



Every department had a different tool for capturing data, making integration and report management difficult.




Real-time scouting allowed for precision spraying, saving over 50% of input expense.

Daily Documentation


Daily documentation of activities & observation reduced the risks of knowledge loss

Cloud Computing


HeavyConnect synced field data into the local database for real-time integration with our systems.



All departments now share the same system/dashboard which simplified operations management.