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HeavyConnect provides digital documentation solutions for the food supply chain to manage Food Safety, Worker Training, Time & Productivity Tracking, Quality Assurance, Traceability, Supplier & Grower Management, and more.
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"I couldn't be in 2,000 locations at once. But the app can! That's why I love it. HeavyConnect helps me sleep better at night."
- Compliance Director, Red Blossom
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Food safety inspection checklist on a mobile app

Food Safety Compliance

Reduce risk and stay compliant with food safety compliance software you can rely on. Easily customize your own checklists or use our pre-built options.

  • Access up-to-date checklists for FSMA, QA, HACCP, buyer standards, and more
  • Track corrective actions with photos and notes
  • Conduct self-audits for GLOBALG.A.P. and PrimusGFS 
  • Monitor all operations, facilities, and supplier sites from one dashboard
  • Support your food traceability program by tracking produce from the field through processing, packing, and shipping

TimeKeeper app on phone

Worker Time & Pay Compliance

Maintain labor law compliance and save time on payroll with easy digital timecards.

  • Share data seamlessly with any payroll system
  • Customize pay with individual or group piece rate tracking
  • Create reports and track productivity accurately in real time
Clock workers in and out on a mobile phone
Digital-audit-documentation copy

Worker Training Compliance

Assign, track, and document employee training on a mobile app and dashboard that work on- and offline.

  • Provide proof of training from anywhere
  • Design your own digital training matrix and track progress
  • Reach all your employees with bilingual training workflows
A QC report is entered on a mobile app

Quality Management

Facilitate your QA or QC program to help ensure that the food you produce, process, and store is always high quality and safe.

  • Access forms based on USDA guidelines or customize your own
  • Let the app do the math for you
  • Use customizable alerts & data visualization to make management decisions

Ready to leave your binders, paper timecards, and audit worries behind?

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